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BigBox3D Unwrapped

I’m back home and it’s time to open the BigBox that I picked up on Christmas Eve. It’s got so much packed into it and I’m really impressed with the quality and thought gone into the product.

It’s a big box indeed:

No peanut wrapping in here because I picked it up, but everything is safe and securely packed in:

I think you normally get other options in the middle (Volcano?) but I didn’t opt for it and instead purchased some E3D Scaffold material. My cat was having a good sniff around her new play box too:

Electronics and wiring box:

Dual extruders (and HARIBO!!!!):

Fans and LCD screen:

Motion hardware:

Acrylic frame kit (small parts) - I’ve gone for slate grey and chilli red:

Screws, fixings, braiding etc:

Stepper motors:

Power supply:

Stretch goal box:

(Optional) Stickers:

3D Printed parts for the frame:

Not the best photo of a 3D printed part from the kit but I’m really impressed with the quality of these. Of course, they were printed on the BigBox print farm that I got to see working.

Under all of those boxes was this:

The heated bed:

Rods. Again, these look great quality, straight, thick and the ends of the rods are chamfered rather than just cut straight:

This is this chilli red against the slate grey acrylic. I think it will look really good. Some people have worried about the acrylic being cheap and thin. This looks good quality again.

Hopefully I can start building it soon!